Over the past 2 decades, we’ve improved healthcare at hundreds of prestigious hospitals across India. Our endeavour is to help improve precision, safety and speed during surgery. Therefore, our process ensures that the right technology is delivered where it’s most required.

How do hospitals and medical practitioners benefit?
  • Access multiple suppliers of the best global quality equipments under one roof.
  • Create custom solutions which match doctors’ needs with the most suitable technology.
  • Rest assured that highly trained engineers handle installation, maintenance and repairs.
  • Receive delivery of critical spare parts within 3-4 working days.
How do suppliers of world – class medical equipment benefit?
  • Our dedication to partnering principals is second to none.
  • We have the experience to offer crucial insights when recommending equipments to buyers.
  • We have the technological edge to maintain and service equipments seamlessly.
  • Suppliers can access a pan-India network of medical professionals through Esbee.